AHC Perfect Dual Cover Cushion Glam Pink Review

AHC Perfect Dual Cover Cushion Glam Pink

First Impressions – Review

#23 Beige Tone Up Cover 

₩27,200 ($25 USD) (Purchased at Boots Myeongdong)

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It comes with the cover balm, cushion foundation, and refill.

*Cover Balm SPF30/PA++

*Cushion Foundation SPF 50+/PA+++

The top part of the cushion pact holds the puff, in the middle you have the concealer, and underneath is the foundation.

It’s so pretty! 

What it claims

“Glam Layering Technique is a radiance technique infused in cover balm and cushion foundation, utilizing the layering effects of three different powders to create a natural and sheer radiance for skin.”

AHC website

No makeup face

I have some red spots and pores that need covering and filling in.

Let’s start!

The Concealer

I applied a little bit of the concealer to my cheeks, nose, and chin. It toned down some redness and filled in a few pores.

The Foundation

I always press the foundation onto the back of my hand first so that there isn’t too much product on the sponge when I apply it to my face. If I need more product then I go back and get it off my hand.

It has decent coverage with 1 layer of the foundation! It’s easy to press and blend into my skin.

My pores feel filled in and my skin looks smoother.

Next layer….

Wow, truly impressed! I’m shook! The coverage is amazing and OMG I’m loving the finish. If you want that glossy Korean skin look then this is the cushion for you! You can build up the layers for a more flawless coverage but 2 is enough for me. Look at that!

*It did accentuate the dry areas around my nose and lips so make sure to moisturize those areas!

Final result

I love the glossy finish but I have to set my cushion with powder and a setting spray or else lint and shiz will stick to my face, lol.

대박!!! It really looks wonderful! I’m sure if you have great skin to begin with, your skin will look bomb as f after this cushion.

I still can’t believe it, my skin looks so healthy and bright. It’s a really great first impression for me. 🙂 I didn’t expect to like it so much. It brightens my face without making me look like a ghost. What a plus!

The cushion foundation applied easily and had a great finish but let’s see how it wears throughout the day in this hot and humid weather! 

12:00 P.M.

By lunch time, my makeup was cracking a bit and my pores started showing through. I suffer from facial hyperhidrosis so my entire face fills with sweat at times and ruins my makeup, lol. 

I was constantly sweating and wiping my face but the makeup held up okay.

5:30 P.M.

 I tried not to do any touch ups during the day. I wanted to see the lasting power of the original foundation application.

The makeup mostly disappeared on areas where I was sweating and wiping my face. The other areas held up well in the hot and humid weather. 

My thoughts

I was really impressed from the first application. It made my skin look so bright and clear. The foundation felt a bit sticky but comfortable to wear all day. 

 What I liked about this cushion was that it kept a natural color throughout the day. Most cushions make you look too white, some oxidize, turn gray, and yellow but this cushion didn’t do that. It blended well with my skin tone.

Would I repurchase?

I think I would not repurchase this during the summer time, just because I am a naturally sweaty person. The glossy look just amplifies my sweaty face and pores. I will have to save this cushion for cooler days when I’m not pouring sweat. 

Overall, If you are searching for that glossy Korean makeup look then I definitely recommend this cushion to try. It’s affordable, comes with refill, and really brightens up your skin.~

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