Boots Haul

Boots Haul!

Here’s what I got at the Boots store in Myeongdong.

I’ve seen this store many times but today was the first day that I actually went inside. It had 4 floors of goodies!

If your looking for a good selection of skincare and cosmetics then this is the store to visit! It’s very similar to Olive Young and Lalavla but they carry more western products!

AHC Perfect Dual Cover Cushion Glam

23 Beige Tone Up Cover

₩27,200 ($25 USD)

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I’m excited to try out this cushion in the next coming weeks. It claims: long-lasting and glowing makeup with 33-hour radiance and 30-hour coverage.

Let’s see if that’s true!

Urban Decay – All Nighter

Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

₩19,000 ($16 USD)

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Buy on Amazon

I definitely need something to help my makeup from melting in this crazy humid Seoul weather. I hope this works well! 

Intake Meals 3.0

Green and Pink

₩1,000 ($0.90 USD)

I see these all the times and finally wanted to try them. I had to get them because they were on sale!

I got the pink and green meal replacements. It’s marketed as a convenient meal for busy people and those wanting to lose weight. All you do is all water or milk.

Whitehead/Blackhead Removal Tool

피르가즘 족집게 날 좀 뽑아줘!!

₩3,200 ($16 USD)

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My favorite tool for pulling out whiteheads on my nose!


Free Water Bottle


Take Line 4 (light blue line) to Myeongdong Station.

Take Exit 6 or 7 towards the shopping street. Walk straight for about 8 minutes. Pass H&M, and turn right at Woori Bank. 

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  1. You have a Boots store?! I use one of their facial cleansing balms that I can only order online. I want that tool too! What’s your review on that? How does it work?

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