EPIK Korean Apartment Tour – Daejeon 대전


I found some photos of my old apartment with EPIK. I thought I would do an apartment tour and show you my room in Daejeon. Daejeon is located in the center of South Korea with great access to other major cities! I lived here from February 2015 until February 2017.


My Daejeon apartment was located in a neighborhood known as Yuseong-gu. This area was a little bit upper middle class. The apartment was in a 4 floor villa building . The neighborhood had many villas and bigger apartment complexes nearby. Most of these villa buildings had some type of business or restaurant on the first floor while the top floors were for apartments.

In my building, there was a pork belly restaurant on the first floor. It had about 3 or 4 apartments per floor. I lived on the 3rd floor with several other tenants. The 4th floor belonged to my landlord.

This area was nearby Chungnam and Mokown University. It had a lot of good areas to eat and hang out at. Yuseong station was only a 10 minute walk away and the bus stop to go to Homeplus or downtown was just across the road. If I wanted to take a bus directly to Seoul, Yuseong Bus Terminal was a 5 minute taxi ride away. There was also another bus terminal nearby that went to several other cities.

Across the street was a nice walking path that lead to EXPO Park. It took a long time to walk there, but if you have a bike it’s definitely worth it. The trail is one of the things I miss most about Daejeon. It was so easy to exercise and stay fit living there.

My apartment was only a 10 minute walk to the school. It was really convenient and saved a lot of money on transportation!

The only con I had about this location was that I saw my students everywhere! Literally, no privacy, hahah. Every where I walked to and every place I shopped at, I saw my students and their parents.

The Apartment

The size of the apartment was small, but I think it was perfect for my first time living alone.

  • Storage: I only had 1 small closet and drawers for storage. Honestly thinking about it now, I don’t know how I managed to keep all my stuff in that closet.
  • Laundry: The laundry “room” was really nice. I had a washing machine and there was a drying rack hanging from the ceiling so it was awesome for drying my clothes.
  • Bathroom: The bathroom was a wet room with the shower head attached to the sink. Whenever I took a shower, everything got soaked in water. I didn’t really mind because it was easy to clean the bathroom.
  • Kitchen: There was a sliding door that separated my bedroom and kitchen. The kitchen was very small. It had 2 small gas stoves. It was hard to prepare food because there was literally no counter space. My fridge was basically a mini fridge so I couldn’t even keep that many groceries in there.
  • Utilities: There was an ondol to heat up the floors in the Winter and of course I had an air con for Summer time. Internet was provided by my landlord, but I did pay a small fee for cable T.V.

The bad things about this apartment was that it had really thin walls. The first year I lived there, I never heard any neighbors, but during my second year I started hearing more noise. You can literally hear everything your neighbors are doing. The noise was also loud outside because of the restaurants. At night time, I could hear loud music playing from the restaurants and people would be drunk and talking so loud until 1 or 2 am.


 I can’t complain much because this was a nice area to live. Bills and utilities here were really cheap. That was the best part about living in a smaller city and apartment.

If you get placed in Daejeon then maybe you will get an apartment like this one. Hopefully you get a better one. 😉

Last days at my apartment. 🙁

Sorry for the bad picture qualities. These pictures are really old. ~

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