Etude House Double Lasting Foundation Review

Here’s my review of Etude’s House Double Lasting Foundation.

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It’s Summer time in Seoul and that means hot and humid weather. For everyday use, I use BB Cushions but I wanted a foundation for special occasions that could withstand all the Summer sweat. Since I suffer from facial hyper-hidrosis, I decided to test out Etude’s House 24 HR lasting power claim.

The Foundation

SPF 34 PA++


I purchased shade Tan N06.


The foundation has a strong floral scent. I have a pretty sensitive nose but this scent doesn’t bother me too much. The smell fades away after an hour.



My face with no makeup. I applied skincare, sunscreen, and primer already. I have some pores, discoloration, and acne marks that needs coverage.


I applied the foundation to my skin with a beauty blender from Daiso. The foundation fills in some pores, covers acne marks, and discoloration. It provides high coverage if you build up the layers. I usually apply 2 layers and spot conceal pimples or marks.

I have also tried applying the foundation using the Double Lasting Foundation Brush. The brush gave a more natural finish but it does leave streaks.

(Etude recommends applying the foundation with your fingers.)

Texture and Finish

It’s easy to blend into your skin but does dry quickly. Although, the texture is light-weight it doesn’t look that natural on my skin. It looks cakey if I apply to much product and you can definitely tell that I have foundation on.
The finish is semi matte and can be a bit drying. It tends to dry out areas around my nose and mouth.

Staying Power

It stays on well, but it did start cracking along my t-zone. I definitely needed to do touch ups every now and then.


Would I recommend this foundation? Yes, it’s cheap and does the job. This foundation is a bit heavy for daily wear, but I would wear it for special occasions

. If you’re looking for a night out on the town then this makeup would be a good choice. It stays on well most of the day and is easy to take off at night time.

Where to buy

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Product Info 

What it is

Long-lasting foundation provides perfect cover and thin, fitting feel.

How to apply

1. Gently shake the bottle up and down before use.

2. Take an appropriate amount of the Double Lasting Foundation and gently apply in the direction of skin texture.

3. Gently pat the face with the fingertips to increase adherence and absorption into skin.


1. Do not use the product on scars or any area of skin irritation such as dermatitis and eczema.

2. Keep the product clean for next use.

3. Do not share with others.

4. Avoid extremely high and low temperatures and keep out of direct sunlight.

5. Keep the product out of the reach of children and babies.

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