How to Order Food on Baedal Minjok 배달의민족 – English Guide

How to order food on Baedal Minjok 배달의민족~

Here’s an English guide to ordering food in Korea with the Baedal Minjok app. If you can read Hangul then you can order food on this app! If you can’t read Korean, then here’s my step-by-step instructions to help you!

Step 1

Download and install the Baedal Minjok App.

Google Play



Step 2

Click confirm, check the 3 circles , and click start.

Step 3

Click the 3 bars on the left side. Click login.

Log in with Naver, Facebook, or sign up for an account.

*If you don’t want to login or make an account then skip to step 8.

Step 4

Check the terms and click next.

Enter your phone number and wait for a text message code. Enter the code and click complete.

Step 5

Enter a nickname and email address. Choose a password and click complete.

Step 6

Use your GPS location or enter a street name and number. (example: Jongro 123)

When you see the map, enter your full address and apt number.

Click the bottom button to continue.

Step 7

Click the  3 bars on the left and login with your email and password.

Step 8

Choose your restaurant and food.

You can see the types of payment accepted by each restaurant, how much money you need to spend for delivery, and an estimated time of how long it will take to complete the delivery.

*This app has a service called “Baemin Riders.” These are delivery guys that pick up your order from certain restaurants that don’t originally provide delivery. This service cost extra, usually you be charged a certain tip amount.

If you want to see a list of those restaurants then click on the Baemin Riders icon (motorbike).

Just remember you will be paying extra.

Step 9

Click on the foods that you want to add to the cart.

You might see a list of items (추가 Juga). It’s asking if you want to add any other foods to your order (extra toppings, extra dishes, make it a set, etc). Click the items that you want to add.

If you don’t want anything extra then click the left button to add the current item to your cart.

Click 주문하기 (juminhagi) to continue.

Typo on picture: 추가 not 주가

Step 10

 Check your address, apt. number, and total.

Step 11

Choose your payment.

There are several options but check what type of payment the restaurant accepts. I always choose pay with card/cash when the food arrives.

(마나서 카드/현금 결제)

Double check your payment and click the button to place your order.

Step 12

 Wait for the pages to load. You will receive a Kakao talk or text message confirmation.

*Baemin Riders usually text you again once the delivery starts.

Step 13

Enjoy your food! 😀


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