How to Order Food on Yogiyo – English Guide

How to order food on Yogiyo!


Here’s my English Guide to ordering Korean food on the Yoigyo app. If you can read Hangul then you will have no problem ordering food. If you can’t read Korean, it’s okay. Here’s my step-by-step instructions to help you!

Happy Eating.~

Step 1

Download and install the

Google Play


Step 2

Click confirm and check the boxes.

Step 3

Click the 3 bars on the left side. Sign up!

If you don’t want to make an account then skip to step 9. I recommend making an account to accumulate points. You can use those points to pay for food!

Step 4

Enter the email address you would like to use. Choose a password and nickname for you account. Check the boxes and click next.

Step 5

Enter your phone number and click to request a code. Enter the code sent to your phone and click to complete your registration.

Step 6

Use the location on your GPS or enter a street name and number. (example: Jongro 123)

When you see the map, enter your full address and apt number.

Step 7

Click the  3 bars on the left and login.

Step 8

Enter the email address you registered with and enter your password.

Step 9

Search for the restaurant or food that you want.


Step 10

Click on the food that you want to add it to the cart. Pop up screens might appear and ask if you want to add any extra items.

Click the items you want to add. (extra toppings, extra dishes, etc)

If you don’t want anything extra then click on X.

Typo on picture: 추가 not 주가

Step 11 

Click on the cart to check and confirm your order.


Step 12

Check your address and phone number. Make sure to double check your apartment number!

If you have any special request, you can write a Korean message in the box. For example, leave the food at my door. Meet me here, blah blah.

Step 13 

Pay for your food! You have 3 options.

  1. Add a card
  2. Pay with card online/use an online payment system
  3. Pay with card or cash when the food arrives

I always use option 3! It’s the easiest way. Setting up your card and online payment systems can be a bit difficult, unless you have a Korean friend to help you.

If you don’t login, you will only see 2 payment options. (3rd picture)

Step 14

Check the box and click order! You will get a confirmation message.

Step 15 

Click the 3 bars on the left side and click the 3rd option 회원 주몬 내역 (hoewon jumunnaeyeok) to check your delivery time.

*The delivery man might call you if you live in a smaller building that needs a door code or if your apt is hard to find. Be prepared to speak some Korean, lol.

Step 16

Enjoy your food!!!!






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  1. Do you have to have a korean phone number to use this app? I will be visiting korea for a few days and i wanted to use this app

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