How to Order McDonald’s Delivery in Korea

How to order McDonald’s delivery in Korea~

Yes, this app is in English but the address part is in Korean. It can be a little bit confusing for first time users so if you need some help go to step 7!

Step 1

Download and install the Mcdonald’s App.

Google Play


Step 2


Step 3

Click register

Enter phone #, email address, and password. Click NEXT -> check all terms -> NEXT.

Step 4

Choose how to receive your verification code (email/text). Enter the code and click SUBMIT.

Step 5

Click more and login with your email address and password.

Step 6

Click MY ADDRESSES. Click on the plus + symbol to add your address.

Step 7

Choose the second tab -> 도로명 주소(doromyeon juso ) to enter your road name address.

  1. Choose your city (Seoul/Busan/Daejeon/etc.)
  2. Choose your district [gu] (Gangbuk-gu/Gagnam-gu/Jung-gu/etc.)
  3. Enter your street name 
  4. Enter the street # in the first box 
  5. Click search – it will fill in the 2nd box (it might just add 0)

*Check to see if the address is correct.

Enter your apt # or full address in the box below the street #.

Click 확인(hwakin) and click the save icon on the upper right hand corner.

Step 8

Check your address again and proceed to order. You can see an estimated delivery time.

Step 9

Choose your foods you want by clicking on the picture. You will see different value meals. Choose and can change the sides that you want. Add them to your cart.

Step 10

Click on the icon cart to checkout.  Double check your order and hit CONFIRM.

Step 11

Choose your payment option. If you pay with cash, you can enter the cash amount that you have. They will bring the correct change.

Enter the security check code. Hit CONFIRM ORDER. You will see a confirmation page. An email confirmation will also be sent to you. Track your order and see the estimated delivery time.

Step 12

Enjoy your food!

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