Laser Hair Removal in Korea

My experiences of laser hair removal in Korea. I had laser hair removal in Daejeon and Seoul.

When? How many times?

Daejeon: 2015 ( 4-5 treatments? It’s been a long time so I can’t remember how many treatments I had done in Daejeon. I’m thinking it was 5 because their packages online come in 5 sessions.)

Seoul: 2018 (6 treatments)


Daejeon: I went to iaan in Daejeon. It is located in Dunsan-Dong.

How to get there: Take a bus/taxi to Galleria Timeworld or take the subway and get off at City Hall. Take Exit 2. Go straight and walk 10 minutes until you reach Galleria Timeworld department store. Behind Galleria you will see a Dunkin Donuts. Enter the door next to the Vietnamese restaurant. They are located on the 4th floor.


Seoul: The clinic’s name I went to in Seoul is called larte. (They have several locations in Seoul. I went to the Suyu branch.)

How to get there: Take the light blue line (4) to Suyu Station. Go out of Exit 4 and walk straight about 2 minutes until you see the Nike Store on your left. They are located on the 3rd floor of JJ Tower.



Iaan Clinic is catered to Koreans and English speakers. The main nurse speaks English so you can call and set up your appointment with no problem. The doctor also speaks English well.

042-489-0297 (From overseas: +82-42-489-0297)

Clinic Website

Seoul: This clinic is catered to Koreans so they don’t really speak English. If you need to make an appointment try to have a Korean friend or co-worker help you. The doctor can speak basic English , but I had a hard time understanding him. The nurses didn’t speak any English so make sure you have a note in Korean saying what procedures you want or bring a Korean speaking friend with you.

Suyu Location: 02-907-3700

Clinic Website

Areas of treatment

Daejeon: I got laser treatments on my underarms and lower legs.


Lower legs

Seoul: I got laser treatments for my full face, hands, and lower arms.


Hands (fingers)

Lower arms


Daejeon: I got laser treatments on my underarms and lower legs because the hair is those areas were dark and thick. My underarms always looked really dark. Even when I shaved you could see the hairs underneath. I use to use an epilator and the results from that was really good so I decided to get something more permanent.

For my legs, the main problem was the front part of my lower legs. The hairs were dark and thick and even after I shaved, you could see black dots left from the hair. The hairs in this area would also grow back very quickly.

Seoul: The main reason I wanted to get laser hair removal done again was because of the hairs on my upper lip. I have a few hairs around my mouth that were a little bit dark. I hated having to pluck and shave those hairs all of the time so I decided to get them lasered. Instead of just doing my upper lip, I chose to get laser treatment on my entire face to get rid of all the baby hairs.

For my hands, I wanted to get the ring areas on my fingers lasered. They were not that hairy but I just wanted those hairs gone. However, they only offered lasers for your hands so I had to do my entire hand.

For my lower arms, I also had a lot of hair there. It was easy to shave my arms because the hair in that area was pretty light and thin, but I just didn’t want to have to shave everyday.


Before your laser appointment, make sure to grow your hair out as much as possible. Do not wax, tweeze, or use any hair removal cream. The day before your laser treatment, you should shave those areas. Make sure you don’t have any products on you skin when you get to the clinic.

What happens in the clinic?

If you are wearing makeup or lotion then you will have to wash your face or wipe down those areas. Depending on the areas you will get treated, you might have to change your clothes. Clinics usually have tank tops, shorts, or a towel cover up. Once you get changed, the nurse will come and turn on the equipment. They will apply a gel to the areas getting lasered and then the doctor will come.

How does the laser feel?

It feels like little pricks on your skin and stings a bit. Imagine a rubber band snapping at your skin over and over. You will smell the hairs burning and see a flash of light each time the laser zaps you.

It does hurt but it’s bearable. The thicker your hair, the more pain you will feel. The place that hurt the most was my face and upper lip. I think because the skin in that area is so thin.

Side effects 

After the laser treatment, my skin was really red, bumpy, and itchy. Some areas were also bleeding. You can see some burnt hairs wanting to fall out.

After a few days, you will see the hairs falling out.

After care 

After you get laser, you should avoid taking hot showers or baths. Don’t do any strenuous exercises and don’t apply any harsh chemicals or products to your skin.

I usually applied hydro cortisone cream on my skin so sooth the burn and itchiness.


Daejeon: It’s been a long time so I don’t remember how many treatments I got done and how much it cost.

-Underarms: $80 for 5 treatments, once a month (I think I got 4 or 5 treatments. They were $17 each.)

-Lower legs: $480 for 5 treatments, once a month (I can’t remember the prices that I paid or how many treatments I got but I think maybe it was 4 or 5.)

The prices for iaan clinic are listed on their website. If you pay in cash, they might give you a discount.


Seoul: Full face, hands, and lower arms.

They offer some packages but I went with the 3 month package (3 treatments, once a month). The 3 laser treatments for my face, hands, and lower arms cost ₩208,000 ($185.00 USD).

I don’t remember the individual prices for each area but I purchased 2 of the 3 month packages. (6 treatments, once a month). It cost me ₩416,000 ($375.00 USD).

If you call the clinic, they will tell you the prices for each area.

Results (Would I do it again?)

Yes and No. If you have the extra money then why not.


My laser treatments in Daejeon had pretty good results. Almost all the hair on my lower legs were gone. Some have grown back but I don’t have to really shave anymore. I usually just tweeze those random hairs that sprout out.

My underarms also had good results. The hairs were greatly reduced and my underarms look a lot cleaner. All the hairs didn’t go away here, so I still have to shave sometimes.

I think laser works really well for dark thick hair. I was pretty satisfied with the results of my lower legs and underarms. When I have money, I will definitely go back and do some more treatments on those areas.


The treatments on my face, hands, and arms did not work as well as I had hoped. I think because those hairs were so light and thin. After 6 treatments, I still have a lot of those light hairs.

For my face, the upper lip and hair between my eyebrows was reduced. However, the really light baby hairs on the side my face are still there. I think it’s too hard for the laser to fully get rid of all those hairs.

My hands had an okay result. I wasn’t impressed. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t laser this area.

The results on my arms were a little bit better but again the results are not what I had hoped. The hairs are still there and not fully gone.


Overall, I was not satisfied with my laser treatments in Seoul. Even though I had more treatments on those areas then I did for my legs and underarms, the results weren’t as good. I definitely need to get more treatments for those areas if I want those hairs completely gone.

*The doctor did tell me that lasers don’t work well on lighter hairs so just be prepared that you might not get good results on light thin hairs.

Even though the results for 6 treatments wasn’t great, I would still laser my face and arms again because the prices at this clinic were really good.~

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