Teaching Timetable of a SMOE Teacher

My weekly teaching timetable as a SMOE Teacher!

Every teacher’s schedule will be different depending on your school size, but be prepared to teach grades 3 thru 6. If you have after school classes then you might teach 1st and 2nd graders.

Teaching hours

All SMOE/EPIK teachers are contracted to teach 22 hours (22 classes). You might teach more or less depending on your school size. If your school is really small then you will most likely be teaching at a 2nd school.

I’ve known some teachers that have taught less than 20 hours and some who have taught more than 22 hours. If you teach more than 22 hours then you will get overtime pay.

Class duration

Each class in my school last 40 minutes, which equals 1 teaching hour. We usually have a 5 minute break in between classes and a 20 minute break between 2nd and 3rd period.

Class sizes

I teach English for grades 4 thru 6 and meet each class once a week. Each grade level in my school has about 7 homeroom classes with 20-24 students. Teaching grades 4-6 adds up to 21 hours. Since I only have an hour leftover, I am not able to teach the seven 3rd grade classes.
4th grade = 7 classes
5th grade = 7 classes
6th grade = 7 classes

21 classes one 3rd grade after school class = 22 classes (22 teachings hours).


My English classes take place in each classes homeroom. At my old school, I only taught in the English classroom, but in my current school, I have to go to each homeroom class to teach. It’s a little bit inconvenient because you waste time having to set up everything.

The 6th graders have English class 3 times a week and 4th and 5th graders have English class twice a week. They usually go the English classroom once a week for another English class with my Korean co-teachers.


I have 3 main co-teachers, one co-teacher for each grade.

*For 5th grade, I teach 2 classes with 1 homeroom teacher and the rest of the classes with my main co-teacher. Technically, I have 4 co-teachers but the homeroom teacher usually just stays and helps with class management.

Teaching Schedule


On Mondays, I teach three 4th grade classes with my 4th grade co-teacher.

In the afternoon, I also teach one 3rd grade after school class by myself. This is a storytelling class that takes place in the library. Since my 4th-6th grade classes only equal 21 hours, my Vice Principal asked me to teach an after school class to fulfill my 22 hours.


Tuesdays, I teach the remaining 4th grade classes and usually lesson plan for Wednesday’s classes. Lesson plans are pretty easy. You don’t actually have to write out a lesson plan. Most of the time my co-teachers just tell me the textbook page we will cover and ask me to prepare some type of  speaking, reading, or writing game.


Wednesday, I teach five 5th grade classes with my 5th grade co-teacher. After classes, I usually prepare for Thursday’s 6th grade classes.


Thursday mornings, I teach two 5th grade classes. For these two classes, I actually teach with the 5-4 homeroom teacher. Some of the subject teachers have to teach other classes, such as art, music, etc. My 5th grade co-teacher has to teach another class on Thursdays so that’s why I teach two 5th grade classes with the 5-4 homeroom teacher.

After 5th graders, I teach two 6th grade classes with my 6th grade co-teacher. I don’t have anything to lesson plan in the afternoon, so I just enjoy free time.


Fridays, I teach the five remaining 6th grade classes. After classes, I plan for my Monday classes.

This is what my typical week looks like. Every school year will be different depending on the amount of students in your school. If you have a big school then you might only teach 5th and 6th grade, but most likely you will be teaching grades 3-6.

Happy Teaching~

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